TV Shows ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurs’

Up-and-coming entrepreneurs are more inspired by television programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den than higher education, new research suggests.

Figures from Shell Livewire - an organisation designed to help 16-30 year-olds start up their own business - revealed that 70 per cent of would-be entrepreneurs found TV shows more inspirational than their university degree. (more…)

Young Entrepreneur Proves Teachers Wrong

With only a few pounds in his pocket and the will to succeed, a young entrepreneur has proved his teachers wrong by setting up his own business now worth over £250,000.

Stuart Edney dropped out of a university course in entrepreneurship when he was 22 with the idea of starting his own company. (more…)

PhD Student Praised For Enterprise

The inventor of a respiratory device that helps patients with severe breathing difficulties has been praised for his enterprise.

Mario Iobbi, a bioengineering PhD student from Imperial College, London, won a £40,000 ERA Foundation Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering for his Saturation Driven Oxygen Therapy (SDOT) device. (more…)

Entrepreneurial Spirit Boosts Comic Relief

Red Nose Day’s takings were boosted on Friday night with a celebrity version of The Apprentice.

Sir Alan Sugar returned to his role as the disgruntled boss, but rather than pushing around wannabe high flyers, the tycoon was faced with a string of celebrities bidding to put their entrepreneurial talents to the test for charity. (more…)

Local Businesses Encouraged By Aston Martin Takeover

Precision engineering and high tech companies in Warwickshire have reacted positively to reports that iconic car maker Aston Martin has been taken over by a consortium led by local entrepreneur David Richards, who has been dubbed as the ‘Richard Branson of motorsport‘.

Mr Richards is currently head of automotive engineering group Prodrive, and also has experience in formula one racing as team principle of Benetton and most recently BAR. (more…)

Entrepreneur’s ‘Greener’ Clothes To Be Stocked By M&S

A Manchester entrepreneur has been awarded a deal with high street retailer Marks and Spencer to stock his line of clothes made of entirely recycled plastic.

Since setting up his business Greenpac six years ago, Simon Lee has achieved an annual turnover of £2 million, with the green fleeces to be stocked by the retail giant just one of several innovations he has already successfully marketed. (more…)

Durham Initiative Finds Entrepreneurial Family

A family from Durham has won a local competition to find a household of entrepreneurs.

The Bradleys, from Langley Park, were rewarded with a laptop for their idea of providing free internet service to schools to enable them to distribute newsletters.

They will also receive help from a local business advisor, who will aid them in their attempt to get their company Emu’s E-news up and running. (more…)

Branson Sells Virgin Books - And Then Announces Book Deal

Sir Richard Branson has announced that he is selling 90 per cent of his Virgin Books unit to publisher Random House.

The Virgin boss has also revealed that he is planning to write a series of books for the company he has agreed to sell for an estimated £3.5 million. (more…)

Sports Direct Founder Pockets £929m Fortune

Mike Ashley, the entrepreneur behind the successful high-street sports stores Sports World and Lillywhites, has cashed in on his 43 per cent holding in his company, Sports Direct, pocketing £929 million.

The 300.9 million shares were sold at 300 pence each, making this the first major flotation of a UK retailer since Debenhams in May last year. (more…)

Apprentice Winner To Set Up ‘Funky’ New Business

Tim Campbell, who found fame as a contestant on the UK version of the Apprentice, has revealed he is to start his own business.

Tim Campbell - ApprenticeHowever, Mr Campbell, who emerged as victor in the show’s inaugural series in 2005, has admitted that his “company” has no product, no name, no suppliers, no distributors and no retail outlets.

Despite this, he expects the business to be “up and running” by the summer, and for the first products to hit the shelves sometime before the end of the year. (more…)